Universidad de Jaén




Quality Assessment of Geographical Information (25 ECTS)

Teaching from 10/02/2017 to 02/02/2018

M0. Virtual teaching. ILIAS virtual teaching platform. (1 ECTS) (*)

M1. Introduction to quality in GI. (3 ECTS)

  • Quality and quality of spatial data
  • Life cycles
  • Bad quality
  • The ISO 19100 framework

M2. Statistics for the quality of the GI. (11 ECTS)

  • Principles
  • Sampling of GI
  • Statistical process control in GI
  • Design of experiments in GI

M3. Quality control and assessment of data, processes and services in IG. (11 ECTS)

  • Control by acceptance sampling
  • Assessment of spatial data quality elments
  • Quality of metadata
  • Quality in sensor's networks
  • Quality in processes (cartographi, GIS, photogemmetry, ....)
  • Quality in geoservices


Quality Management of Geographical Information (25 ECTS)

Teaching from 02/19/2018 to 06/08/2018

M4. Quality management in organizations that produce GI. (13.5 ECTS)

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Process management
  • ISO 90001
  • Audits (ISO 19011)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality of services

M5. Metrology and calibration of equipment in IG. (11.5 ECTS)

  • Concept of measurement and related terms
  • ISO 10012 requirements
  • Calibration of topographic and geodetic equipment
  • Calibration of photogrammetric and satellite sensors
  • Calibration of cartographic processes
  • Control of measurement, inspection and testing equipment (ISO 9001)


Master Thesis (25 Cr. ECTS)

Teaching from 25/06/2018 al 22/11/2018

M1. Taster Thesis. (25 Cr. ECTS)


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