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Specialization courses in
Quality Assessment of Geographic Information


Due to the increasing demands on the quality of Geographic Information (GI) that come from both European projects (Inspire Directive and implementation rules) and national projects (LISIGE, PNOA, cartographic plans, Andalusian Technical Standards, SIGTIERRAS, etc.). ), As well as the demands of the users themselves, the evaluation and control of the quality of the GI is acquiring a renewed importance everywhere.

Therefore, aware of the training needs in this field, and that internationally there is no training offer in this field, the University of Jaén has been offering, for years, specialization courses with which to mitigate these needs. These courses are offered to customer demand and are tailored to your needs in terms of content, duration, modality (face-to-face, semi-online, on-line, etc.)

Some of the courses already done are: SHORT COURSES


Interested professionals

Interested professionals

Professionals from companies, self-employed and the public sector who carry out their work in the field of cartography (cartography, photogrammetry, geodesy, geographic information systems, remote sensing, etc.) and need to specialize in the field of quality assessment of Spatial data.

Interested organizations

Interested organizations

- Cadastral institutions and agencies
- Cartographic services, agencies and institutes
- Academic institutions
- Cartographic military agencies
- Environmental and territorial agencies
- Researchers working with geographic information


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