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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there scholarships?

The Normative of Own Teachings of the University of Jaén indicated in section 1, article 28 the possibility of granting scholarships on account of a fund for Own Teachings of the University. In case that the Service of Scholarships and Attention to the Student of the University of Jaén decides to grant a certain number of scholarships, it will be informed to all interested parties.

Is my presence in Jaén required?

No, this is not a classroom course (face-to-face course). It is a course with virtual teaching, totally remote, supported and by a virtual classroom system. No presence is needed in Jaen at all. Now, all our students will be well received if they decide to visit us.

Can I pay in installments?

No. The University of Jaén does not allow payment in installments of this type of courses. A single payment will be made.

When do I send my Curriculum Vitae?

The sooner the better, so it is more comfortable for everyone. When you pre-register you will receive in your email a CV model.

How do I send the documentation?

By email by scan, by fax, or by ordinary mail.

Is there more detailed information about the course?

Yes, there is a General Conditions document with more detailed information, ask for it here.

What is Module 0?

It is a module that does not compute credits and whose objective is to learn to use the ILIAS virtual teaching platform with which it will work.

What happens if I do not deliver the Master Thesis (MTh)?

if Parts A and B have been completed and passed but the Master Thesis is not delivered and passed, the Master's degree certification can not be received.

How long is this Master?

The duration is from September 2017 to November 2018.


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