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Research lines:

Main research lines:

This research group has a great specificity. The research lines are centered on the development of system for the acquisition of spatial information through photogrammetric and topometric techniques and their applications to different ambits (environment, heritage, building, civil engineering, industry, etc.). The main lines developed are:

  • Digital Photogrammetry: Photogrammetric processes automatization.
  • Use of new sensors for improving the acquisition of spatial information.
  • Acquiring and treatment of LIDAR data (filtering, classification, object extraction).
  • Quality control of photogrammetric processes.
  • Low cost applications of non-topographic photogrammetry.
  • Photogrammetry applied to industry, building, archaeology and environment.
  • Topometry applied to industrial measures.
  • Cartography of geologic risks.
  • Applications of the geostatistics to the treatment of spatial and temporal data.


The main services offered by this group are:

  • Photogrametric flight planning, design of the control-points network , digitalization, aerotriangulation, obtaining of MDE and orthoimages. Obtaining of products from remote sensing images.
  • Processing of LIDAR data. Classification.
  • Quality control of photogrammetric products.
  • Mapping using topometric methodologies.
  • Design and obtaining of thematic maps, cartography of natural risks specially.
  • 3D modelling from TLS techniques.
  • Measures of industry, building, heritage based on photogrametric and topometric techniques.
  • Use of geostatistics for obtaining numeric cartographic databases.