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The research group "Photogrammetric and Topometric Systems" is formed on 2002 funded by the Plan Andaluz de Investigación of the Consejería de Educación y Ciencia of Junta de Andalucía. The main issue was to generate a structural basis for developing the research tasks which they had been done into our ambit related with photogrammetry and surveying.

At this time, the group contains 9 members from the University of Jaén and the Polytechnical University of Madrid who are directly related with the knowledge area of Cartographic and Geodetic engineering and Photogrammetry, and 6 of them are Phd. These members have great experience in the participation on several research tasks in other groups previously.

The entry of new members and the work of all the members have allowed the open of new work and research lines subsequently with a marked applied nature and for giving service to enterprises and organizations of this sector. The main tasks developed by this group are centered in the participation in projects of Research, Development and Innovation (National and International programs), the teaching in specific issues to professionals, the advising to enterprises related with the developed research lines and other services.


Research Group.

"Sistemas Fotogramétricos y Topométricos"